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Apostle Victor & Victoria
Church Pastors
9527 McLeod Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H 0Z4
  • Wednesday @ 6:30pm
  • Friday @ 6:30pm
  • Sunday @ 10:30am


  • 2019 - Word Manifestation!


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.1John 3:8

Through the practical demonstration and actualization of the “Word Power” the saints are constantly being transformed, healed, delivered and totally set free by the tangible influence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables them to serve the LORD with peace of mind and gladness of heart. We are to ENJOY Christianity and not ENDURE it.

The Word of God is life, in fact is our lifeline. Through faith, we practicalize what we actualize and then receive the results of a Divine orientation.

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1.  So many incredible miracles this morning and tonight. One young man of 27 years of age had been in an accident at 6 years old and had his jaw dislocated and could not hear in one ear due to no ear drum or anvil or any bone at present but tonight he could hear words spoken without a microphone from all the way at the back of the sanctuary and when he saw how far away Dr Charles Ndifon was when he was speaking to him he was amazed.Blind eyes were opened and vision was corrected to perfect sight and cross eyes were straightened. A group of 35 people with arthritis were touched and declared well.A woman who had just had surgery on her hand took her bandage off and was able to move her hand and fingers.A man with abnormal heart rhythm was healed and was checked by a nurse who was present and his heart was in normal rhythm.There were countless miracles today witnessed by everyone. It will continue tomorrow with healing in the body and financial miracles.

Niagara Falls at Faith Factor Church
2.  I would like to note what I witnessed last night at the first service of the weekend of healing with Charles Ndifon. After leading us in praise and worship, the Holy Spirit gave him certain things that were available to be received - the list was Pulmonary heart condition with lung issues, three with fibromyalgia, a shoulder condition, glaucoma, deafness in left ear from a surgery, bell's palsy, sciatica, tennis elbow, prostrate problems, heartburn and acid reflux, bone spur in the heel, hip condition, ski accident resulting in back pain. All of these conditions were responded to by people present. One gentleman had just received his new hearing aids this week that cost him $5000 in total and he said would cost him $150 each to return but after testing he could hear soft words from the back of the sanctuary. He removed his glasses and could now see where he could not see even with the glasses. His wife came up with joy and received healing for her conditions of pain in her back with a titanium rod and in her leg. Four doctors told another woman she needed a hip replacement and after some painful exercises she was well with new cartilage in the hip joint to now cushion the bones that caused the pain. Another woman with COPD and congestive heart failure on oxygen came up and was able to take the oxygen off for several hours to the end of the meeting. She walked the entire sanctuary on her own. Another person with degenerated discs was healed and pain free. Another woman with bell's palsy in her face was healed and both sides of her face were even. A man with hearing loss in both ears with hi loss in one and low in the other was tested with sounds and could hear.Four people battling cancer from prostate to bone to breast cancers were now pain and symptom free.Two young girls were healed of emotional scars from parents divorce that included fears and insomnia and allergies. A man walked out of the meeting and was called back in to receive healing from an accident in 1988 to be able to walk out without his walking apparatus. Another woman had tightness in her hip and leg from a massage that did something to her that doctors could not help and she was not only symptom free but also received a prophetic word that rang true to her secret desires for ministry.Another person who has suffered a stroke and wore a brace was able to walk without the brace and go up and down the stairs without fear of falling. Another man reports this morning he has slept the night through and had not done so in several months.

Niagara Falls at Faith Factor Church
3.  Donat testified that he had to leave his first son in his country two years ago when he and his wife and younger two children immigrated. He did not want to leave him. A pastor had said to him that his son was not an issue but to go but Donat thought this pastor is irresponsible. What kind of a father would I be to leave my son? But that is what he and his wife were led to do at that time. His son applied for his green card to the USA last May.What usually happens is within one week you know if your application has been accepted or denied. But Donat's son had heard nothing by the end of September either way. On the last Friday of September at all night prayer, Donat and others agreed that his son would be granted his application. The very next day, when embassy's are closed and no one is available at work, when even the President does not open the embassy, his son received a phone call from the US embassy that his visa was ready. He did not know what to do as the embassy was closed but the counsellor advised him to go to the embassy on Monday to pick up his visa that was printed and to do the required medical test. Monday would have been the last day his son's papers were valid. He received his visa in October. God answers prayer.

St Catharines, Ontario
4.  Bonnie testified that she was speaking with her daughter who is a teacher in England. She had just upgraded her computer and all of her photos were somehow scattered and she has no time at all to recover the files. Bonnie told her daughter she should give it to God and within a split second all of her pictures were returned to their file but with 2 of each one - it was a double blessing sign. Bonnie said it was double for her trouble. Bonnie also testified of a very sick pet cat who had been to the veterinarian who said all was well but in fact all was not well when they got home and there was blood every where from a spot on the cat's tail. Bonnie prayed with her son Connor commanding the bleeding to stop and it did and now all is well. This very morning at breakfast Bonnie discovered she did not have enough milk for her and her son to have cereal. Bonnie prayed referencing the loaves and fishes and the milk in the container expanded to fill both bowls with some left over.

Bonnie G
5.  Tony testified he has been with his employer at Nanticoke for two years to the day. He achieved the level of foreman that is a considered a never heard of position and he always just thought it was because he was a 'hard worker'. The company policy is to place you where ever they need you without consideration of where you live. While Tony was working in Nanticoke, time was 'never on his side' because with the travel time he was unable to do much with his family or attend church. To request a transfer with the company there has to be a reason that was a major crisis and even then it was not a guarantee that a transfer would happen. Tony said he prayed about being transferred and he received a transfer so he is not only 5 minutes away. There is another man in the company with 7 years seniority and he was transferred to London. Tony said the Lord has taken care of his seniority.

Tony Petrucci
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