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Apostle Victor & Victoria
Church Pastors
9527 McLeod Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H 0Z4
  • Wednesday @ 6:30pm
  • Friday @ 6:30pm
  • Sunday @ 10:30am


  • 2018 - Your New Beginning!


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.1John 3:8

Through the practical demonstration and actualization of the “Word Power” the saints are constantly being transformed, healed, delivered and totally set free by the tangible influence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables them to serve the LORD with peace of mind and gladness of heart. We are to ENJOY Christianity and not ENDURE it.

The Word of God is life, in fact is our lifeline. Through faith, we practicalize what we actualize and then receive the results of a Divine orientation.

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46.  Melanie, who is normally a quiet and reserved woman, testified that during praise and worship in the service that she physically felt a strong presence, a vibration within here she could not explain and did not know what to do. This sense of the presence overwhelmed her to great emotion and tears. This was the power of God.

St Catharines, Ontario
47.  In December Kimyata testified that she accompanied a friend while she was searching for a new automobile. They were at a dealership and the salesman was a Muslim gentleman and they felt quite comfortable with him. They had a conversation about praying to the Lord, the true God and Kimyata was telling the gentleman about anther Muslim friend of hers who was sensing her prayers were not being heard or they were hindered in some way. The salesman was more interested in selling the car to them that day and went to speak to his manager. The manager came out and asked to speak privately to the women and told them his son has lung cancer because the salesman told his manager the ladies were prayer people. The ladies also found out that another believer friend of theirs who drove past that dealership every day prayed for the employees as she drove. So Kimyata encouraged us to continue to pray as you are led.<br /><br /> Kimyata works in the school system in Toronto and she had a conversation with a Muslim student with autism that the teachers do not particularly care for. He told Kimyata that he has now accepted the Lord as his Saviour and that he felt when prayers were prayed for him. His bus driver led him to the Lord. So some water and some fertilize but we all have our part we must play as we are led of the Holy Spirit.

Pickering, Ontario
48.  In the latter part of November 2012 Donat responded to the call for prayer for anyone with a medical condition. The doctor had told him he had some problem with his liver. He went back for more tests and was then diagnosed with colon cancer.Donat thought to himself that he had the faith to believe the Lord had healed him. He had tests and saw the doctor who did not want to keep him and instead telling him he was ok and nothing was wrong. He was not even in the doctors office for ten minutes. Secondly Donat felt that the Lord wanted him to share that he was not grateful for what the Lord has done in his life. Last Sunday in the early morning the phone rang with a family friend calling to remind him of a memorial for a friend who died eleven years ago. When he was thinking about it, the Lord put into his memory all those who had died suddenly and asked him "are you any better than them?" "I want you here". Donat wanted to glorify God for what He has done in his life. He was very sick when he first moved here as he had had a stroke and cardiac arrest. But he is vibrant now with no trace of illness. This is the goodness of God.

St Catharines, Ontario
49.  In June Kathy noticed something growing on her left eye that looked like an egg white crumpled up. It was very dry and bothersome. As time when by it became larger so she went to the optician who diagnosed it as a cyst and prescribed eye drops for two weeks but it did not take the cyst away. In October she saw her doctor who referred her to an ophthalmologist for up to two hours for surgery in November. She was prayed for in October and by the Sunday before the surgery the growth was still evident although smaller so she received prayer at the church. Her husband drove her to the surgery appointment that Tuesday where it was discovered that not only was the cyst gone without any evidence of being there, but her eyes were tested twice and her eyesight was restored to 20/20. The surgeon said she would notify Transport Canada to remove the restriction from Kathy's drivers license.

St Catharines, Ontario
50.  Shawn testified that he and his family visited Faith Factor Church a few weeks ago and then again two weeks ago and had prayer for their house to be sold. He wanted to start to fast and pray in October as he wanted to do it God's way but he delayed and delayed. Joyce also desired to fast so they fasted twelve days together and were led to visit Faith Factor two weeks ago. They have been looking in Brantford and the entire Niagara Region seeking where to live. That Sunday two weeks ago after the service when they had prayer for the sale of their home, they received a call from their real estate agent about a couple who wanted to see their house for the second time. On Monday that couple offered $50,000 less for what their house was listed at. Tuesday the agent called them to ask about the offer but Shawn and Joyce decided if they could not get what they wanted for their home they would wait another year to sell. They pulled the sign from the lawn on Wednesday. Thursday afternoon the couple from Monday sent a firm offer of what they were asking for but by 7pm another agent had an offer for them of $10,000 more. They are now looking for a new home and considering looking in Niagara this coming Wednesday.

Shawn and Joyce
Acton, Ontario (1 1/2 hr from Niagara Falls)
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