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Apostle Victor & Victoria
Church Pastors
9527 McLeod Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H 0Z4
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  • 2019 - Word Manifestation!


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.1John 3:8

Through the practical demonstration and actualization of the “Word Power” the saints are constantly being transformed, healed, delivered and totally set free by the tangible influence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables them to serve the LORD with peace of mind and gladness of heart. We are to ENJOY Christianity and not ENDURE it.

The Word of God is life, in fact is our lifeline. Through faith, we practicalize what we actualize and then receive the results of a Divine orientation.

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16.  At the beginning of June, Alan was struck with an initially unknown malady that was effecting his lungs and liver. Doctors diagnosed what they thought it could be and advised he would be off work for many weeks to recuperate. Alan was up and back to work in just over ten days and had a clean bill of health from the doctor for something that would of been with him for some time.

St Catharines, Ontario
17.  Praise Report:Bonnie had testified several weeks ago of her healing and asked the church to agree that she would have her drivers license reinstated and that the Lord would supply her with a vehicle so she could do her own errands and attend church services. Bonnie's mother Jean came to the front to testify of the events surrounding the recent blessing in Bonnie's life. Jean said God has a sense of humour because her husband Ray had searched out vehicles and Jean did not have the release with any of them. Ray said he would have to search many more dealerships to find what would be appropriate for Bonnie. Jean said God would locate it. Jean called some dealerships and found a salesman named Kevin who had a 2004 Kia Rio that was lady driven with the equivalent of eighty thousand miles on it . So the next morning early they went to the dealership and they said no one was there by the name of Kevin but they had the vehicle they were looking for which was a 2004 Kia Rio with only seventy two thousand kilometers on it. They found out that the dealership Jean had spoken to was Niagara Chrysler in Niagara Falls but they actually drove to Niagara Motors in Virgil where God had a better deal for Bonnie!

Bonnie & Jean
18.  Kathy testified that she had purchased a three piece suit in March for her son Sam's wedding rehearsal dinner at the end of April and did so with her husband Vince's blessing. She took it to the cleaners and when she went to pick it up on Monday it was ruined. The white part of the jacket was now cream in colour and was covered in rust coloured stains. The owner of the cleaners did not know what had happened and said it did not happen to anyone else's articles of clothing so he would try and re clean it. On Wednesday he called to say he would have to refer to a chemist. Kathy's husband Vince was prepared to take the issue to small claims court but Kathy was not wanting to do that.By Thursday the jacket was still not ready to be picked up so Kathy contacted the store where she purchased it and they happened to have one left in her size in a closet forgotten about where it was stored needing a button to be sewed back on. She purchased the jacket knowing her jacket was ruined but believing she would be compensated. The new jacket was now on sale down seventy dollars in price. On Friday morning Kathy prayed and presented her case to the court of heaven stating she was standing on the promise from Isaiah that God would contend with those that contend with her, that she was surrounded by the favour of God like a shield, and that she and all the Lord has given her was anointed and consecrated to Him despite dry cleaners stating they are not responsible for any damage that might occur and that cleaning any article of clothing was at the risk of the customer. She praised God for His promise to her and all that was given to her by Him. She and her husband went to the cleaners with a photo copy of the original bill of sale and the receipt of payment for the cleaning of the jacket. The owner of the cleaners came to the counter to say he could not do anything about the jacket. Kathy's husband asked the owner what he was prepared to do about the issue. The man finally admitted it was his fault and he looked at the copy of the bill of sale for several minutes turning it over and up side down several times in silence. Kathy and her husband waited for him to respond. Kathy said to her husband quietly that she was prepared to accept anything towards replacing the jacket to be able to use the suit that she so enjoyed having. Finally the owner said he would pay the value of the cost of the jacket which was two hundred dollars but he said they would have to come back in a week's time. Kathy's husband Vince suggested that they would accept that plus another cleaning of something for free to cover what Kathy had paid for the cleaning of the jacket and the owner of cleaners simply write a post dated cheque which the owner abruptly left them to do. It was obvious by his expression that the owner of the cleaners was not happy to reimburse Kathy and Vince and when Vince tried to shake his hand the owner did so quickly and waved them away. The Lord administrated this entire situation so evidently by the demeanor of the owner and his actions. Praise God who contends with those who contend with us and when something is important to you even something as small as a jacket the Lord is pleased to ensure His justice on your behalf. Kathy was pleased to testify of God's faithfulness and that He ensured she did not loose the blessing He had provided to her through her husband.

St Catharines, Ontario
19.  Martina testified this morning when she awoke she was so dizzy with a headache and nauseated she could not get her balance. She did not want to have to stay home from church and miss the Presence of God so she called her friend Caterina to pick her up so she could make the trip to Niagara Falls. When she arrived Pastors prayed for her and she was healed and enjoyed the service and danced and praised God. He meets her every need and always has. She is confident in His Word of promise. The Lord has provided for us all and Martina added that the devil cannot kill her that she has settled that issue. She will not die sick but will go home to be with Lord at the appointed time and He will take her quickly. She further stated that the power of God here in prayer is more powerful than any nitrogen bomb or anything else man can make. Praise God.

Pastor Martina
St Catharines, Ontario
20.  Kathy testified of the favour of God that has manifested in the lives of just one of their two sons most recently.Her husband Vince has been specifically praying for months for the favour of God to be on their sons.Their youngest son who is not attending church or showing any sign of following the Lord since he has been a teen ager graduated from university last summer and had been unsuccessful at finding any kind of full time work. He had his usual summer job and during the winter had a part time job at a retail men's accessory store in Niagara Falls that ended mid January. In February he saw a post on Facebook for any male who was a university graduate and had experience in retail and spoke fluent Italian to apply for this Toronto position.He did apply and had an interview immediately and was hired to start within a few weeks.To his knowledge, no one else was interviewed which we all thought was highly unusual especially considering the large Italian population in Toronto. Their son did express to his mother during this initial time that it came back to him a prophetic word that was spoken over him several years ago that he did not believe because he saw no evidence in his life at the time but now realized that one of the things that was spoken was that he had a linguistic thing in him that allowed him to learn languages easily. The Holy Spirit was bringing things to his remembrance.During his interview he did express that he only had retail experience over the Christmas holiday time and did not speak Italian but would learn.He started working during the third week of February, was sent to Europe in March for three weeks for training and was sent to California for a few days again to observe other stores in the company. The trip to California was conveniently at the time the family would be flying there for their other son's wedding so half of the airplane ticket was paid for by the company. During this time he was teaching himself the Italian language and commuting the one hundred kms from St Catharines to the two present locations in Toronto and attempting to find a place to live.During this time three possible room mates to share expense dropped out of the equation. There has been discussion of the company obtaining an apartment that he could live in as well.Their son finished university last summer but did not apply to graduate because the course requirements changed during his four years which did not allow him to obtain his minor. At the beginning of this week he heard from the professor who is the head of the department of his minor who is no longer on sabbatical and he advised that he will make a way for their son to obtain his minor in Italian and therefore graduate with the major and minor that he had desired to obtain after all.This was over and above all we could ask or think. We praise God for His favour on the lives of everyone in our family.

St Catharines, Ontario
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