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Apostle Victor & Victoria
Church Pastors
9527 McLeod Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H 0Z4
  • Wednesday @ 6:30pm
  • Friday @ 6:30pm
  • Sunday @ 10:30am


  • 2019 - Word Manifestation!


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.1John 3:8

Through the practical demonstration and actualization of the “Word Power” the saints are constantly being transformed, healed, delivered and totally set free by the tangible influence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables them to serve the LORD with peace of mind and gladness of heart. We are to ENJOY Christianity and not ENDURE it.

The Word of God is life, in fact is our lifeline. Through faith, we practicalize what we actualize and then receive the results of a Divine orientation.

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36.  At Ron's place of work, there is an inventory of shelving approximately eight feet by fifty high made up of heavy material like castings, motors, small to big in no order but everywhere all set up against the wall. Approximately sixteen years ago the shelving was bolted to the wall - about 15 rolls - and at the end of the row of cabinets - he climbed up to get some parts. He saw the bolt was in but the rack fell and it was so fast - it touched the back of his head. But something moved him over and all the parts on the shelving fell past him instead of on top of him. He was protected from injury. Three other employees were taken to the hospital for injuries from the incident - one was kept over night and one a few days. It was all so fast that he was in shock. The others got him up and to the hospital to be checked and to fill in a report. The doctor asked Ron twice to allow him to check him but he was fine and the fellow that was beside him at the hospital spoke up to the doctor and told him to leave Ron alone. Ron knew from this incident that he was protected, that he had an angel move him from harm in the moment the shelving collapsed and came away from the wall.

Niagara Falls, Ontario
37.  A pair of Jehovah's Witnesses came to Bonnie's door this week who had really practiced their speech. They opened their book to the middle saying that everyone these days are really afraid and asked if she was. Bonnie said emphatically that no she was not afraid but she was looking forward to what was coming. They were speechless. She gave them her testimony of healing and said she would pray for them. They left but asking her first what church did she attend?

St Catharines, Ontario
38.  George testified that he has experienced divine intervention and an extraction of time. Again he is still doing renovations and one wall was giving him a hard time. He could not get the paint right. One coat, two coats, two more, and another coat of paint. Have you ever planned something that you think will turn out right and it turns out to be wrong? Plans are of the Lord. He knew it wasn't right and he couldn't convince himself it was good. George prayed to the Lord admitting his mistakes and that he needed help and that he really did not want to do it all over again having to remove eight layers of paint. He kept thinking of the time the effort the paint and the mess and shame of it. He heard the Lord say to take it off. So he reached towards the paint and it as like a cartoon, like time travel, the painted peeled right off like a sticker to the drywall. The paint was blood red. It took off his mistakes and gave him a fresh start.

California, USA
39.  Six months ago when he was working on the renovations at Suzanne's house where the basement looked like a horror movie it was in such disrepair but there was not enough finances to do anything about it.The water overflowed downstairs to shin high level. Everything was trashed. You should be careful what you pray for. The insurance has paid for everything to be repaired. Now the downstairs is like a palace. Charge the atmosphere for what you want.

California, USA
40.  Last Sunday there was an altar call for new beginnings and Tony responded and came to the front for prayer. He had a cigarette addiction that has hindered his spiritual life. But today he is free from it.<br /> From twenty two years of smoking cigarettes. It as hard to intensify with the guilt. He wanted to have control but now satan is still coming at him making it the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his life.

Welland, Ontario
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