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Apostle Victor & Victoria
Church Pastors
9527 McLeod Road
Niagara Falls, ON L2H 0Z4
  • Wednesday @ 6:30pm
  • Friday @ 6:30pm
  • Sunday @ 10:30am


  • 2019 - Word Manifestation!


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him. Acts 10:38

…For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.1John 3:8

Through the practical demonstration and actualization of the “Word Power” the saints are constantly being transformed, healed, delivered and totally set free by the tangible influence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables them to serve the LORD with peace of mind and gladness of heart. We are to ENJOY Christianity and not ENDURE it.

The Word of God is life, in fact is our lifeline. Through faith, we practicalize what we actualize and then receive the results of a Divine orientation.

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41.  Bonnie has testified a few months ago that she was healed of some growths. She has been giving her testimony of healing to everyone she meets. She has been suffering financial difficulties since she was abandoned by her husband. Her mortgage payments have been lowered by the favour of God. Bonnie said she has been 'chased down the street with blessings'. Since the Lord healed her she feels the anointing in her body like a tingling all over and it happens multiple times a day as she is believing to be further healed from fibromyalgia. She has been on strong pain medication when one morning the pain did not seem so bad so she did not take the medication and she has had no withdrawal symptoms and is no longer taking the pain medication. She is being blessed time and time again. Because she was unable to drive a car, she needed a ride to church and Kevin called her to ask if she needed a ride which was an answer to her prayer. She has been to the doctor who has told her she no longer needs the medication so she is able to drive again after six years and he will not need to make house calls to her any longer. Bonnie had been stuck in her bedroom for three months at a time and now she sees the glory of God in the trees, the birds, the snow, the squirrels and all the life He has created that she was unable to appreciate for so long. She has been able to attend a movie with her daughter again. She had a cracked tooth and had to see the dentist who waived the fee of $75 for her.She said she cannot express her gratitude to the Lord. She had thought she was born again but now she feels that she has grown exponentially and is on fire for Him. The church is agreeing with Bonnie for a car.

St Catharines, Ontario
42.  George is still visiting with his Canadian family and is doing some renovations. One of the neighbours is not a friendly man but George always spoke to him. He learned that the man had gone through much in life and in George's words 'life can give you a sucker punch sometimes'. George witnessed to the man about the goodness of God in a mild sort of way with out too much religious talk but just being men in conversation. While George was doing the renovations he was listening to some teaching tapes on the wealth transfer. The neighbour soon learned he had to move and George was able to help the neighbour who was not close to anyone. The neighbour then gave thousands of dollars worth of clothes, vanities, entertainment systems, patio furniture to George - this was suddenly a wealth transfer.

California, USA
43.  Suzanne testified that she was encouraging us to have hope for the small things in life as well as the more important issues. Her fridge had a shelf break and so because she prays about everything, she prayed for a fridge. She was searching the ads on kijiji and found on page twelve a black fridge but since it has been posted November 17th she didnt think it would still be available since it was now January. She called and the gentleman said no one had called but her and it was the perfect match to her other kitchen appliances. The fridge was three hundred and fifty dollars. She was given that exact amount of money as a gift by the son of a woman she was caring for recently who passed away.

Welland, Ontario
44.  Kevin testified that for approximately two years at work he has been harassed and bullied by a superintendent making his work environment affect his home life. Kevin met with Apostle Victor after church one Wednesday evening and he prayed for the superintendent that it was his last chance to get right or he would be fired. The man was on vacation that week of the prayer. The next Monday the superintendent came back to work and asked how things were doing. Kevin was on light duty due to a sprained ankle. The superintendent took Kevin to the office to see check how he was which was surprising. For the past two to three months the superintendent has left him alone. This past Tuesday in a meeting that morning, the superintendent announced that he was demoted to another location in the company. Pray for that man to know the Lord.

St Catharines, Ontario
45.  Carol traveled to India in 1986 and has a heart for the people. In the past several years she has been searching for a particular sofa when recently she located one for sale privately. She was greeted by an elderly Indian woman who was very friendly and liked the dove pin Carol was wearing so she pinned it on the woman praying for her salvation. She purchased the sofa from the family who invited her to stay with them for dinner. She noticed that the mother limped and it was from a injury twenty years before and was very painful. Carol invited the family to church and they called her this morning and the mom and grandmother have come to the service.

St Catharines, Ontario
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