Family Life

The marriage covenant is not a thing to be taken lightly. No one should engage in it without a proper understanding of the implication. The only way to comprehend the true meaning of marriage is to ask the Founder of this sacred institution.

Marriage, contrary to popular outlook, is not a snare, but a Divinely blessed institution, ordained by God (Genesis 1:26-27). This sacred union was not initiated for crisis, but for spiritual fortification and earthly dominion.

Anything short of harmony in the family is not the will of God. In the Bible, we have been commanded to replenish and subdue the earth. In other words, we are to have dominion over the earth, but this dominion only comes by replenishing.

No true dominion would be achieved without true harmony in the family. Looking at our world today, we find that the enemies of God, thus our enemies also, are ferociously attacking the very fibre, which is the family unit as ordained by the Lord.

The Holy Writ very clearly says that, for this purpose shall a MAN leave his father and mother to cleave to his WIFE, and they both (Man & Women) shall be one.