Prophetic Insight

You see some times in life, we just go for it and other times, we wait for the Lord to open the doors. We really have to know the season and realm we are operating in, for there is a time and season for everything. I like what Luke 16:16 says, "…every man presseth into it" There is a time for pressing into it, because sometimes, it just don't come to us, so we go for it.

Psalm 119:89-91 is full of explosives. It says that God Word is settled forever in heaven, His faithfulness is to all generations.

Watch this, 90b-91, You established the earth and it abides. They continue this day according to Your ordinances, for all are Your servants.

Do you actually capture the revelation here? God’s Word is the final authority. If He has spoken, that settles every issue. All we need to do is to hear, know, believe and act on what He has spoken to us. Some times by revelatory gifts, but He has also spoken through His written Word to us already.

Again, God's Word brought creation about, He established the earth and it abides till now, sustained by His Word Power, and they serve Him.

The Lord who spoke the earth into existence is the same who has spoken of your destiny, and if the elements know enough to trust, obey and serve Him for multiplied thousands of years, while maintaining their locations and seasons etc, without fail, then whatever He has said about you must assuredly come to pass. I like the phrase in the King James bible that says "And it came to pass" It will surely come to pass!

Also look at 2 Timothy 1:9, this one says God called us with a holy calling, not according to our works but according to His Purpose and Grace which was given us in Christ Jesus before time began.

Do you see here that God has a purpose for your life? As a matter of fact, you preexisted in Christ (The Anointed One and His Anointing) before time began, in other words, God has a purpose (His own purpose) for your being alive at this time and generation. It is a divine purpose being nourished by the power of His grace (ability) You are not your own, He sent you here on earth and placed you where you are right now. Since His own purpose and grace are the motivating factors behind our existence on earth for our generation; how could it be that He will not sustain us?

Do you remember what we read in Psalm 119:90b? God sustains the earth by His Word Power. If we only but believe and follow His word, elevation is sure. There is only one thing that awaits those that trust the Lord and it is called SUCCESS!

He said in psalms, "those that put their trust and confidence in the Lord will not be disappointed or confounded, for they shall be like mount Zion that abides forever,  as the mountains and walls are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is with them" (paraphrased)
During my prayer time on Saturday, the Lord said to me "there is money, there is money and there is money to do the Kingdom work".

That was so clear to me and I know that Word is for all that partner with us for His Kingdom work. As a matter of fact, those monies aren't going to fall down from heaven, but the Lord will use families like yours who have begun obeying and supporting His ministries' to provide them. Do you know what that means? ...Yes, you will and would have been super-abundantly provided for in order to have more than enough to continue supporting and sustaining His Kingdom Work. God is not a liar, and I have chosen to believe and really trust Him. Money Cometh to you now !!!

Go for it-keep believing and confidently trusting, don't hold back your faith! If you have to take a risk, then do it. The risk of not taking a risk is actually greater than the risk of taking one. Do you know what I mean? But Believers don't take risk; they only act out their FAITH in the LORD.